Data Enabled Outcomes

Strategy and Governance

  • Data Strategy – Aligning technology initiatives to business objectives
  • Business Change Management – Supporting the organisational change underpinning digital transformations to deliver of enterprise analytics
  • Data Governance – Ensuring internal standards and policies are in place to manage integrity, availability and security of data

Design and Build


  • Cloud solution architecture for BI, warehouse data and data science

Advanced Analytics and Machine Learning

  • Data platforms – Proof of concept (PoC), pilot and end-to-end solution delivery for agile transformation
  • Data migrations and data integration – Deployment of cloud infrastructure to facilitate tactical solutions for data migrations and strategic data integration solutions.  
  • AI enablement – Providing data, compute and environment for model training, evaluation and hosting

Managed Services

  • Deploy & Transition – Ensure effective service from the start by involving Managed Services as early as possible to ensure transition is a nominal activity.
  • Operate – Comprehensive operational management
  • Monitor – Solution availability, data processing and completeness
  • Evolve – Continual improvement to meet changing business needs and through proactive solution enhancements in response to failures  
People + Process + Technology = Success

People . Process . Technology

To successfully deliver solutions is never just about technology, we always keep in mind the broader picture. Having the right mix of people and processes in place is critical to ensuring technological success within your company.

Technology is only as good as the processes that are implemented to support it and processes are only as good as the people who execute them.  It’s essential that people at all levels feel the value of their contribution to making change a success.

Kumo Analytics will establish a partnership with you to build your long-term success. It’s a people first approach.

We are ready to help you implement change

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